Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Introducing Talk Guarantor Loans

Talk Guarantor Loans is a brand new guarantor loan brokerage that have recently launched into the market. They differentiate themselves from the competition by offering a more personalised service, and making sure they find you a lender that is fit for purpose.

Other brokers in the market will try and automate everything, and in the process you are often matched to a loan company that does not truly meet your needs. Or even worse, in some situations your details will be passed to EVERY lender on the list which means you will end up getting multiple phone calls, from multiple people, offering multiple products (some who may even charge a fee) and at the end of the day you may be left with no loan and a general sense of confusion.

Talking is almost king at TGL (only second to the customer), which means you will be greeted by a human, UK based loan expert who will fully discuss your situation and allow you to make an educated decision on who you want to borrow from.

To learn more, or to apply with them, visit


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